7 Plants for Interior Decor Addicts

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With the Pantone colour happily on green this year... it's safe to say adding some foliage to your home is the easiest way to play along with this trend. There are some Instagram'ers who in my opinion are nailing this trend at the moment. 

Take for example the lovely Dee Campling's gorgeous bathroom which has been liked 1000s of times...

Or Amy Marchment who makes the most amazing macrame plant pot hangers. 

Amy Marchment's Macrame Wall Hangings

The Geo Fleur feed is real plant porn... I was fortunate to stop by their stand at a trade show last week and they've great things planned. 

And finally if you're not following Margo Hupert you're missing out, she's a botanical artist and home styling extraordinaire. 

If you're feeling inspired and want to add some interesting greenery to your home check out these plants...

1. Aloe best known for it’s medicinal qualities, it’s spikey leaves add interest to any sideboard. Just allow the plant’s soil to dry out completely in-between watering.

2. Cactus - ideal for warm houses. They thrive on warm, sunny environments and are making a real come back in 2017.

3. Air Plants - Air plants are epiphytes, meaning they can grow without soil. Simply mist your plants with water once a week to keep them thriving.

4. Dwarf Musa Banana Tree - stunning leaves and some will even bare fruit.

5. String of Pearls Succulent -it’s pea like strings are ideal for hanging baskets or growing in pots.

6. Entangled Hearts Vine -This carefree classic beauty has small heart shaped leaves with a grey patterned leaves and purple underneaths. Also referred to as hearts on a string,

7. If all else fails you can still fake it, watch Aubeterre Blue for new faux plants>>

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