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Are you in the Christmas Spirit? Planning Christmas Parties? Looking for an original tipple to see you through the Festive Season? Then fear not, Aubeterre Blue's Secret Chef has an awesome Spiced Gin recipe just for you. In celebration of the Gin revival that is sweeping the nation and all the amazing new Gins out there, we have prepared one of our favourite recipes for you. Using Opihr Gin, which is offers an inspiring combination of flavours that will blow your mind, and a couple of simple ingredients, we present The Ginger Ninja:

Photography by Lovelight Studio's


Double shot of Opihr Gin

Squeeze of Lime

Plenty of ice

Fentimans Ginger Beer

Sprig of Thyme

Slice of fresh Ginger (optional)


Fill a Highball glass with ice

Add the Gin and squeeze in the lime

Top up with Ginger Beer

Top with a sprig of Thyme and use as a swizzle stick

Use a potato peeler to take a very thin slice of ginger and add to the glass for an extra ginger kick

Serve with friends and drink responsibly.... 

Photography by Lovelight Studio's

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